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Why choose a glass railing system?

If you are looking to achieve a modern design of your building, without having to sacrifice safety, durability, and most of all the view, then glass railing systems are the perfect choice for you. In recent years they are the top pick all-over Europe.

Create a feeling of open space, with no limitations, thanks to the frameless design of the glass railing systems. They are a stylish option for balconies, terraces, stairs, fences, pools, canopies, and more. The wide variety of glass modifications will help you to easily achieve the design you are looking for.

why choose glass railing

Why choose glass railings from Baros Vision?

Baros Vision is a leader in the market of glass railing systems. Here you get prices directly from the manufacturer. Thanks to our experience in mounting, design, production, and quality control, we can offer you some of the most innovative solutions for glass railing systems in Europe. Choose the quality and offer a safe and long-lasting product to your customers.

deck glass railings side mount colored glass

We can offer you all types of glass railings, and all of them meet the strict European durability standards, certified at the Institute of Giordano Italy. If quality and safety are a priority for you, the glass railings from Baros Vision are the right choice for you.

If you are not sure which glass railing is the best pick for you or if you have a certain budget or just want to see our range, you are welcome to our Show Room located on Asenovgradsko Shosse before Agria (KCM), Bulgaria. You can also contact us and our sales representatives will give you a video tour of our showroom and factory.

frameless glass railings

What are the advantages of glass railings over other types of railings?

The perfect combination of glass railings with all types of materials makes them an appropriate choice for almost any project where a cleaner and more open design is sought. The main advantages of the glass railing systems are:

  • Unobstructed view – when your home or business building offers a beautiful view, the last thing you want is to hide it with a board, thick-walled wooden or aluminum railing, even less with an iron railing. Frameless glass railings create the illusion that there is no barrier between you and the view. In this way, they contribute to the unique exterior design of your project.

  • Easy Maintenance– overall railing systems with glass are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. They are a sustainable option even when exposed to constant rough weather conditions. The problem with mold, which is often found on wooden railings, and the problem with rust on iron railings are also eliminated.

  • Safety – using glass railings, whether for an outdoor terrace or an internal staircase, you choose a safe option and you do not need to worry about children and pets that may fall, climb, or get injured in the distances between the railings. We recommend the use of tempered laminated glass. It is 5-7 times stronger than the non-tempered glass and thanks to the adhesive laminate (PVB) there is no risk of breaking and shattering into many pieces, as the PVB holds the structure of the glass intact even when fractured.

  • Unique Design – whether you are doing a new installation or replacing old railings, once mounted glass railings will generate the “wow” effect in every visitor. The clean lines and the open view that glass railings offer result in a stunning final design.

Glass Railings Product Catalog – Baros Vision

We at Baros Vision offer you a wide variety of glass railings and accessories. You can check our updated catalog, where you will find all our glass railing systems, types of mounts, and install guides for each. If you have additional questions, feel free to contact us.

Download Catalogue

What applications do glass railing systems have?

Glass railings are widely used, as they increase safety, visibility, and contribute to the modernization of the design. Most often, our clients use railings with glass for:

Glass railings for decks and balconies

The advantages of glass railings for decks and balconies are obvious in terms of design. They undoubtedly lead to a more spacious and modern look. In terms of functionality, they are not inferior to any other type of railings for decks. The glass railings offer strength, security, and easy maintenance. They provide an unobstructed view and last much longer in a variety of weather conditions. The most commonly chosen option by our customers is the glass railing with tempered laminated glass.

glass railings for balconies and terraces
staircase glass railings
Glass railings for stairs

Glass railings for stairs are used for both indoor and outdoor staircases. They not only allow light to pass through them but also improve the visual design by allowing a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape and the interior decor.

By choosing glass railings for staircases from Baros Vision you choose an option that will exceed your expectations. We guarantee that our products meet all the necessary and mandatory requirements of the industry in terms of quality and safety.

For the glass railings for stairs, we offer a point system with spiders (glass holders) made of stainless steel. Our point system and part of our aluminum railing systems allow side mounting. With this type of installation, you do not have to sacrifice part of the staircase space (usually about 10%) as is the case with other types of the mount of glass railing systems for stairs.

Glass railing systems for pools

Glass railings for the pool – safety meets style. Also called glass pool fences, they offer a stylish alternative to ordinary pool fences, allowing people to see the surrounding environment. Elegant and modern, our glass pool railings improve security without sacrificing aesthetics. They save lives – leading experts recommend installing glass fences around the pool site as the best way to avoid accidents with children falling into the pool. Safety options we offer include laminated glass railings with a surface to prevent climbing, clear visibility through the glass so you can easily watch children, and pool gates with self-closing hinges to restrict access to water when needed.

With the protective glass fences from Baros Vision, you don’t have to choose between safety and a stylish look, you get both!

pool fence glass railings
glass canopy baros vision
Glass canopies

Same as glass railings, the glass canopies are a reliable and very stylish choice. They are becoming a common option for decks, entrance doors, windows, carports, and bus stops. They are suitable for any project where there is a need for protection from weather conditions such as rain, wind, or snow. Tempered glass or laminated glass is used for the canopies, which guarantees their strength. The glass canopy can be a great addition to any exterior design and they fit especially well in combinations with glass railings for decks and glass railings for stairs.

Contact us and we will help you to select the most appropriate method of installation and type of glass for the canopy itself.

Types of glass railing system mount

When talking about glass railings there are three main types of mount – base/top, side, and integrated.

Base Mount

The base mount, that is also called top or floor mount, is the most common type of mount for glass railings. This type of railing installation can be easily achieved. 

The base installation can be done on concrete, tiles, wood, metal plates, and structures. It is recommended that the flooring be ready before the railing system is installed. Installation of railings is not possible if we talk about brick and aerated concrete blocks, as they do not offer a solid foundation.

Our glass railing systems that offer floor mount are aluminium U channel profiles BV9900, BV7500, BV6500, BV6500L, BV5500, BV4500, and columns from inox / stainless steel BV2500.

Side Mount

The side mounting of glass railings usually requires planning in advance. In this type of installation, the glass railing is mounted on the outside, thus not taking up space from the volume of the area. The side mounting is very suitable for stairs and balconies. With side mounting, an aesthetic appearance of the railing can be easily achieved, where only the glass is visible from the inside. Often used in the side mounting are the glass holders, which help to achieve a strong and stable installation of the railing. The beautiful design achieved with them is undeniable.

The aluminium U channel that we offer for the side mount is BV9900S. Additionally, for side mounting, we have a wider range of inox / stainless steel columns and glass holders – BV2500S, BV3500 и BV3500RS.

Integrated Mount

The first thing we should mention about the integrated mount is that it requires careful planning in advance so there won’t be any problems later on when it is time to mount the railings system.

The integration of the glass railing guarantees uncompromised strength of the finished railing. Not only it would be strong, but another main advantage of the integrated mount is that only the glass is visible, the glass railing profile is completely hidden. The integrated mount can achieve all specific requirements of architects and interior and exterior designers. The profile is usually closed with two top covers at the front and back.

The glass railing systems for an integrated mount that we offer are BV9900U, BV7500U, and BV6500L – with which you can easily achieve even side integrated mount.

Which are our newest glass railing systems?

Adjustable glass railing system BV9900
bv9900 regulated glass railing system

BV9900 is our new adjustable system for glass railing. After more than a year of development and different prototypes, we are able to present a ready profile that can be installed in seconds. BV9900 can be precisely regulated to +/- 1° with the help of a hexagon key and an electric screwdriver. Certified at 4kN this glass railing system is suitable for every application.

BV9900 comes with different mount options:

Budget glass railing system BV7500
bv7500 budget-orientated glass railing system

BV7500 is our newest budget-orientated glass railing system for base mount. The great choice of materials and its uniques shape help for its quick installation and to reduce to a minimum the risk of breaking the glass panel during mounting. Certified at 2kN, this system is a perfect choice for residential and domestic applications. This glass railing will keep its integrity even after heavy use.

BV7500 comes with different mount options:

What types of glass are used for glass railing systems?

Two main things are important for glass railings: design and strength. Therefore, in Baros Vision, we use mainly 2 types of glass for our railings – laminated and tempered laminated. The reason we use them is that they provide the security that is expected from our glass railing systems. Laminated glass is produced by gluing two or more glass panels with a special (PVB) foil. The production method of laminated glass ensures that it retains its structure even when broken. We do not compromise on security!

tempered laminated glass from baros glass

The fact that we use 2 main types of glass does not limit the choice that our customers have at all. When it comes to glass for railings, we offer:

types of railing glass baros vision
Ultra clear
Color + Clear
Color + Color

We at Baros Vision offer you the main colors of glass for railings such as Brown, Green, Gray, Blue. You can also choose from a variety of modifications of the glass itself: Frosted, partially Frosted, Satin finish, Gradual satin, Digital or Screen printing on the glass, a special anti-slip coating, and more. You can find more information regarding different glass modifications on our specialized website for glass – Baros Glass.

Handrails and Accessories for our glass railings

For our customers that look for glass railings with handles, we have a variety of handles and accessories.

handrail for glass railing WX 6022

BV 6022 – is our round aluminium handrail with a rubber seal inside. Can be used with glass with a thickness of 12 – 24 mm. More information about BV 6022 here.

handrail for glass railing WX 6023

BV 6023 – is our decorative rectangular aluminium handrail with slimline and no rubber seal. Can be used on glass with a thickness of 16 mm. More information about BV 6023 here.

handrail for glass railing WX 6024

BV 6024 – is our square aluminium handrail with a rubber seal inside. Can be used with glass with a thickness of 12 – 24 mm. More information about BV 6024 here.

Additional accessories for the handles are wall flanges, bends from 90 ° to 135 °, connectors, plugs, covers, and more. Please see ACCESSORIES for more information regarding all available accessories that we offer for our glass railing systems.

Contact us via phone, e-mail or you are welcome to visit our showroom.
We will help you to make the best possible choice for your project!

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