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Ideas for your glass railing

 Whether it’s new installing or replacing an existing railing, when you’ve worked hard to create and fund your project – you deserve the best finishing touch, namely the glass railings.

 It would not be an exaggeration to say that the glass railing is currently the most modern and preferred choice of all types of railings. This is not surprising considering that by using it you can achieve:

  • Stunning design
  • A feeling of roominess and more space
  • Better penetration of the light
  • Keeping the view
  • Safe and secure construction

When properly designed and installed, the glass railing system adds style, luxury, and value to your home or office. In addition, it is completely safe and functional for daily use even in places with high daily human traffic.

In this article, you will find various design ideas for your railing made of glass. All design options that we will show you are from completed projects that are using the glass railing systems of Baros Vision. 

*It is important to take into account local building codes regarding the type of safety glass (tempered, laminated) required for a glass railing:

  • Tempered glass is a heat-treated glass whose surface is hardened when baked in a tempering furnace. When broken, the glass breaks into small not sharp pieces that do not pose a danger to people around it.

  • Laminated glass is created by gluing two or more glass panels to each other using a special foil (between them). When broken, the laminated glass retains its structural integrity. Laminated and tempered laminated glass is the safest choice for railing glass.

Ideas for your railings of glass

Beautiful and elegant, the glass railing systems fit every project. The different types of mount options (base, integrated, and side) and the wide range of modifications of the glass for railings ensure the easy achievement of a unique and memorable design. Unlike wooden railings and wrought iron railings, glass railings also act as wind protection, making them a particularly good choice for coastal or open areas where there are often strong winds. Compared to traditional railings where there are distances between columns and panels, glass railings have no gaps between them. This also leads to a reduction in noise levels – an advantage that will have a significant impact if your site is located near a road artery or in a place with heavy traffic.

It may not be surprising for you if we say that some of the most common and popular applications of glass railings are for terraces and balconies. That’s why we’ll start with ideas for them.

Ideas for glass railing for terrace

In most cases, when we talk about a terrace, we talk about a place for walking and relaxation. Often the terraces are equipped with various accessories such as tables and chairs, swings, benches, and even swimming pools, which makes them places where you can both enjoy the tranquility and at the same time gather on various occasions with colleagues, friends, and relatives. Whether it is a garden, ground floor, or roof terrace, the frameless design of the glass railings for the terrace is beautiful and functional and allows you to keep the view. Here are some suggestions for glass railings for the terrace from our completed projects:

Ideas for glass railing for balcony

Balconies come in different shapes and sizes. Their main purpose is to increase the living space, but this does not mean that they do not play an important role in the overall appearance of the building. Glass railings for balconies are an aesthetic and modern solution to achieve a unique design. The wide range of types of glass for railings and many possible modifications guarantee that you can achieve the design you imagine, whether for one or all balconies in the building. Below you can see our suggestions for a glass railing for a balcony:

Ideas for glass railing for stairs

A trend that is gaining more and more popularity in recent years is the use of glass railings for both interior and exterior stairs. Whether it is a staircase in a house, office, or business building, a staircase leading to the yard, terrace, or between floors, the glass railing offers you a very stylish and extremely strong solution.

The advantage of glass railing systems for stairs is that they are easily combined with the surrounding design when using clear glass. With the use of railing glass in different colors and / or modifications such as gradual satin, digital printing, partial matte, and adding handles, a stylish and unique final design can be achieved. The use of glass railings for stairs with side mounting (aluminum profiles or stainless steel glass holders) ensures that you will not lose space on the stairs (base / floor mounting usually takes up about 20% of the staircase area). Take a look at Baros Vision’s proposals for stair railings:

Ideas for glass railing for pools:

Investing in a quality pool barrier definitely gives you peace of mind, but can cost some of the beauty of your pool and garden. However, installing a glass pool fence will help you avoid many of the problems associated with other types of pool fences.

Safe, secure, and attractive, the glass pool barrier protects small children and pets from accidental entry into the water, while allowing you to enjoy the pool from a distance. Glass pool railings also allow you to enjoy time with your family in the garden, even if some of you are in the pool and others are not. They are an ideal design option for parties or larger gatherings, as well as for quieter moments with your family. Here are some suggestions:

Ideas for glass canopies:

Glass canopies are an interesting and functional concept for any project where there is a need for protection from weather conditions such as rain and snow. They are widely used over balconies and terraces, front doors, windows, carports, and bus stops. The glass canopy is a great addition to any design, especially when it includes glass railings on balconies or staircases. The glass panels used are made of tempered or laminated glass, which guarantees their strength. Below you will find some ideas from completed projects:

Ideas for glass fences:

Glass fences are another application of glass railings, which is gaining popularity in recent years. Brick walls, wooden fences, and metal railings have something in common – they hide the space behind them. In some situations this may be helpful, for example, you may want to block the view of passers-by and neighbors. But if you want to keep the view from your garden or yard, the glass fence provides you with safety and full visibility. A glass fence means that the sun can penetrate freely. It also improves your sense of space – especially important if you have a smaller garden.

Ideas for interior glass railings:

Interior glass railings are an elegant and modern solution for your home or office. With a variety of mounting types and specially designed, the railing system for interior glass railing can be tailored to your structural needs as well as your personal style.

We hope we have helped you get an idea or choose a design for your project. For more ideas for your glass railing, you can check out our completed projects pages. If you have questions related to the use and installation of glass and aluminum railings you can contact us. Our consultants will help you choose the most fitting option for your project.

You can also check our page on How to choose the right glass railing for your project?

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