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Glass for railings from Baros Vision

The glass is a main component of glass railings. The glass choice is a key factor for the finished design of the project
as well as for the strength and durability of the glass railing. For our railing systems, we use mainly 2 types of glass – laminated and tempered laminated. The reason to choose those 2 types is that they are the ones that help us keep our promise to our clients about safe usage of our products.

More information about glass for railings and the possible glass modifications you can find on our specialized website for glass.

At Baros Glass, you can find more about the different types of  of glass we offer. Find useful information such as work standards, factory capacity, minimum, and maximum glass dimensions, and glass modifications that we offer. Baros Glass offers a wide variety of glass types such as glass for railings, bulletproof glass, glass floor, facade glass, insulated glass units, and more.

What are the key differences in the strength of the different types of glass?

Laminated glass

Upon breaking the laminated glass retains its integrity thanks to the special folio between the glass panels. The great resistance to hits and pressure makes it a top choice. Laminated and tempered laminated glass are the best options to use as a glass for glass railing. Want to learn more about the usages of laminated glass, visit BarosGlass or click here.

Tempered glass

Upon breaking the tempered glass shatters into small pieces which significantly reduces the risk of injury to the people around it. The resistance to hits and pressure is good. This type of glass has wide usage in our everyday life. Tempered glass can be used for glass railings depending on the specifics of the project. Additional information about tempered glass you can find on our specialized page here in Baros Glass.
picture of broken normal glass

Normal glass

Upon breaking the normal glass shatters into big and sharp chunks which pose a serious threat to the health of the people around it. The resistance to hits and pressure is really low. It is not to be used for glass railings.

Modifications of the glass for railings

We at Baros Vision offer a wide variety of modifications for the railing glass. All of them are in compliance with the international standards for safety during exploitation. We do not make a compromise in quality. You will not find shaking railings that threaten the health of the surrounding people. Follow the link to Baros Glass for more glass modifications.

types of railing glass baros vision


Ultra clear

Color + Clear

Color + Color

Using laminated or tempered laminated glass for the glass railings is a must, as those two types of glass guarantee not only the strength of the railing but also that it will retain its integrity even after the glass breaks for some reason. This is made possible thanks to the manufacturing process of the laminated glass where two, three, four, or more glass panels are glued together with a special (PVB) folio. This structure ensures the reliability which is sought in quality glass railing systems. Even if the railing glass is broken it stays whole which eliminates the risk of hurting the people around it.

You can find more railing glass modifications on our page with completed projects >>>

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