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Glass railings for terraces and balconies

Glass railings are becoming the most popular choice for various architectural projects across Europe and America. It comes as no surprise as with the usage of glass railing systems it is easy to achieve beautiful and functional designs for every project. The railings with glass are a perfect choice not only for residential, but also for domestic, and industrial applications – it all depends on the customer’s preferences.

Glass railings are mostly used for balconies, terraces, stairs, barriers, pools, canopies, and partitions.

In this article, we will look into more detail at glass railings for terraces and glass railings for balconies.

As the meaning of the words terrace and balcony is close, so before we get in more detail regarding glass railings for balconies and terraces let’s see what is the difference between terrace and balcony?

*Terrace – coming from French (terrasse) is an architectural form (platform) that is built upon artificial construction or directly over the terrain of the site. Often the terraces are fenced and may have a roof that covers parts or even the entire area of ​​the terrace. In some cases, the terrace can be treated as a veranda or as a large balcony when they are fully covered.

The terrace is: open usable area located on premises, on columns, or on the terrain.

*Balcony – coming from Italian (balcone) is an architectural form that is a platform protruding from the outside of the building surrounded by a barrier such as a railing. Most commonly balconies are situated on the outer side of the building, but there are variants where the balconies are on the inside of the building such examples could be concert halls, churches, and theaters.

The balcony is: a usable space protruding in front of the facade of the building.

Additional differences between terraces and balconies are:

  • Terraces are usually located on the base floor or roof of the building, while balconies can be added on every floor.

  • If there is a need for communal space for the tenants of the building to use then the preferred choice would be a terrace as balconies are usually classified as personal space.

A commonly seen practice in Europe is the usage of the so-called “hanging terrace” where a terrace is added to the building using additional construction.

Glass railings for terrace

Historically and geographically, the terraces are spread all over the world. They were widely used by the ancient Greeks in both public and private architectures. Popular also among the Romans, terraces in front of monumental structures (such as temples) are often seen throughout their whole imperial history.

Nowadays terraces are commonly used to increase the living areas of different buildings. Usually, they symbolize a place where you can have a stroll or just relax. People tend to place tables and chairs, flowers, swings, various other accessories, and even swimming pools on their terraces.

Most of the time we talk about a terrace we are talking about a place with a good view. Glass railings for the terrace are the best option to keep the beautiful view and enjoy it during your leisure time. By using railings out of glass you guarantee the unobstructed view and the unique design of the space.

With glass railing for the terrace, you do not worry about problems that are commonly present in other types of railings such as rust (if we talk about iron railings) and mold (if we talk about wooden railings). A big advantage of the glass railings is safety. If we talk about the other types of railings, there is always a danger present in that kids or pets can get hurt or fall through the spaces between the railings. This chance is reduced to zero if we talk about glass railings. The properly chosen and installed glass railings are a great solution for places with increased human traffic as they are durable and offer a great level of safety.

Usually, our customers like to combine the terrace’s glass railing with the one used on the stairs leading to it. In this way, the result is a complete, open, and modern finished design. It is a great choice not only for personal homes but also for business buildings and places with terraces. With the usage of digital or screen printing on the glass you can easily and effectively brand and highlight the building / office space / restaurant apart from the surrounding ones. Using clear glass you can keep the view if you desire to.

Glass railings for balconies

As a conception, balconies can be traced back to more than 2000 years in ancient Greece. Then their functionality was to increase the air circulation in the dry climate and allow for more natural light to enter the inside of the building.

These days, the balconies are mainly places that we use to increase the living space and for activities such as cooking, relax, taking care of flowers and etc. In many buildings, the balconies are partially concave, thus providing sun or shade.

Glass railings for balconies play an important role in the finished design of the building. They are esthetic, modern, and functional. The wide variety of glass that can be used for the railings are contributing to the unique design: you can use clear glass, ones with a satin finish or ones with gradual satin, partly matte, and many others.

The great strength and safety levels that can be achieved with the usage of tempered laminated glass are a guarantee that you will not have any problems with the usage of the railing.

The glass railings for balcony and terrace can be installed and used with or without handrails. The handrails are an extra that can always be added if the customer wishes to. You can check the handrails we offer here.

What are the important things when you choose glass railing for balcony or terrace?

Main things to have in mind when making your choice for glass railing:

  • Safety of the railing – that depends on the glass railing manufacturer (the quality of the used materials and the manufacturing process), and also depends on the company or the experts that are going to do the installation (even the best-quality glass railings will have problems with safety and durability if they are not mounted properly).

  • Proper dimensions – when designing your project it is crucial to pay attention to the right dimensions as if they are not accurate that can lead to delays and increased costs for the implementation of the project. Often the companies that offer railings have a department or work with subcontractors that will visit the site and take measurements to avoid complications.

  • Finished design – at the end of the day, you have probably chosen glass railings for your terrace or balcony with a specific design in mind. The choice of the correct glass railing system is a key moment in achieving the design, the way you have imagined it.

Baros Vision is a trusted glass railing manufacturer. We can offer you a wide variety of glass railing systems that are suitable for every design and budget. All our systems are certified by the best European standards and we guarantee their quality, strength, and safety when used.

You can contact us over the phone or send us an email, we will do our best to help you make the best choice. Please check our glass railings systems shown on our website. You are welcome to visit our showroom near Plovdiv, Bulgaria where you can see all our systems mounted as well as our factory. Detailed information about glass railing profiles and their usage, mount, and types of glass used you can find here.

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