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Baros Vision at Tomorrow Redefined:
Challenges and Practical Solutions with Lean Methodology

Dzhamal Aliman - speaker at tomorrow redifined

We are pleased to announce that the owner of Baros Vision – Dzhamal Ahmed Aliman will be a speaker at the highly anticipated Tomorrow Redefined conference with the theme: Grow your business fast through Lean thinking and practices. This event brings together CEOs of some of the most innovative companies in Bulgaria to explore together the secrets to achieving operational excellence and improving business processes with Lean methodology.

Dzhamal will share about his inspiring journey from the village of Borino, Smolyansko, to the founding and development of a leading brand in the field of glass railing systems – Baros Vision EOOD. His story is a testament to his entrepreneurial spirit and determination as he has built a successful company that now serves clients in 30 countries on three continents.

Main highlights of the presentation will be:

1. The adoption of the Lean methodology:

Dzhamal will share the key role that Lean methodology plays in the Baros Vision. He will emphasize that Lean is not just a set of rules, but a way of thinking that, when properly adapted, can revolutionize an organization. Rather than simply copying practices from textbooks or other companies, Baros Vision has adapted Lean principles to meet its unique needs and those of its clients.

2. Early stages of implementation and successes:

lean methodology baros vision

Inspired by the “Toyota Way” in 2021, Dzhamal introduced the 5S methodology to the production process, which led to remarkable improvements. This strategic move increased production capacity from 500 to 1,200 meters of aluminum profiles per day, while significantly reducing scrap from 7-8% to 2%. This transformation demonstrates the power of Lean when applied with careful planning and dedication.

3. Overcoming challenges with overstocked warehouses:

Dzhamal will reveal how Baros Vision tackled the challenges that come with overstocked warehouses. How stock optimization and warehouse automation helped us store 80% more merchandise in the same warehouse space. And how these proactive approaches also help to manage stocks more effectively and build a sustainable strategy for Baros Vision.

4. Practical applications of Lean:

Here the focus will be on a practical experience of applying Lean to the production of Spiders (glass holders/adapters), a key product in the Baros Vision catalogue, and will illustrate the benefits of Lean principles in this case. How by switching to a single-component flow production system, productivity increased from 60 to 160 units per day. This change resulted in significant reductions in production time, operator movement, and costs, highlighting the tangible benefits of implementing Lean.

5. People first approach:

Dzhamal firmly believes that people come first. For him, developing employees’ talents and investing in improving their skills is paramount. He will share his experience of the Baros Vision culture, which encourages employees to grow professionally, innovate, and contribute to the company’s success. How this commitment to employee development is one of the key factors behind Baros Vision’s growth and achievements.

lean kanban board baros vision

6. Continuous improvement and customer focus:

Presenting the importance of customer feedback and the relentless pursuit of eliminating non-value-added processes. How techniques such as the Gemba walk play an important role in identifying and eliminating scrap, ensuring that the company remains flexible and responsive to customer needs. How a focus on continuous improvement strengthens a company’s market position and increases customer satisfaction.

Looking forward:

Mr. Aliman believes that Lean methodology is not just about processes, but about creating a culture of continuous improvement. He will share insights on how leaders can inspire their teams to embrace Lean principles leading to sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Interactive Q&A session:

Attendees will have the opportunity to chat with Dzhamal during a question-and-answer session following his presentation. This interactive segment promises to provide deeper insight into Baros Vision’s Lean journey and practical advice for implementing similar strategies in other organizations.

We at Baros Vision Ltd. are proud of our participation in Tomorrow Redefined, underlining our commitment to excellence and innovation. We look forward to sharing our journey and learning from other industry leaders at this prestigious event.

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