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Architectural and construction week - our impressions

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Reflecting on the past Architectural and Construction Week at Inter Expo Center – Sofia, it’s noteworthy that Baros Vision’s stand was a focal point in Hall 1. Our innovative solutions and engaging presentations not only attracted a diverse audience but also ignited conversations about the future of facade design and construction in Bulgaria.

From the very first day, the interest in our stand was significant, and this momentum did not wane as the exhibition progressed. Our presence was marked by an elegant and functional design, becoming a gathering point for a varied set of visitors – from architects and builders to potential partners and end customers. Hours before the official opening, we were already welcoming visits from key investors.

The enthusiasm of our traders during meetings was remarkable, as was the team’s commitment to providing a great experience for visitors. The tireless effort helped to draw in passers-by and crowds of interested professionals, ready to learn how we can assist with their projects. For the professional service and friendly atmosphere, we must also thank the hostesses who served delightful sweet and savory snacks, nuts, and incredible coffee.

A constant during Architectural and Construction Week was people’s admiration upon learning that Baros Vision is a Bulgarian manufacturer. They often expressed pride that a local company achieves such high standards in the production of glass balustrade systems and significantly contributes to the development of the construction sector.

Our team of traders and engineers engaged in detailed discussions about the technical characteristics of glass balustrade profiles and how their application can help achieve the perfect finish for any project. Each day of the exhibition played a crucial role in gaining new clients and partners, as well as reinforcing Baros Vision’s image as the Bulgarian manufacturer of glass balustrades and balustrade glass.

Our participation in the Architectural and Construction Week at Inter Expo Center, the meetings held, presentations made, and offers extended, all provoked positive emotions and left pleasant memories for the Baros Vision team.

We thank everyone who participated in the event’s preparation and brought our visions to life. Let’s build the future together!

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