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How to Choose the Right Glass Railing for Your Project?

When it comes to glass railings, there are a few things you need to consider before making your purchase. Here are our tips on choosing the right glass railing for your project.

The first thing, you need to think about is the design of your project. Glass railings come in different styles, colour finishes, and a variety of mounting options. There is also a wide choice when it comes to modifications and customizations for the railing glass.

The next thing, you should consider is the usage of the railing. Will it be placed in a residential, industrial, or public area? Will it be subjected to heavy human use?

Finally, you need to consider the climate where your project will be located. If it is located in an area with severe weather conditions, you’ll want to choose a glass railing system that is weatherproof and can withstand strong wind and rain.

Things to consider based on the design of your glass railing project

There are different types of glass railing systems to choose from.

The glass railings offer a wide variety when it comes to design. The different types of railing systems are usually used separately but there are also cases when they are used in combination with each other to achieve a more unique design. Our advice is to consult with the seller-company, before making the purchase, regarding which types of systems are the most suitable for your case so you can achieve the design of your project the way you imagine it. When we talk about types of glass railings, there are three main choices:

  • Aluminium profiles with channel

    Тhis type is maybe the most preferred one out of all. It can be used in every project that requires glass railings. In this case, the glass railing system consists of aluminium profile with a channel and glass that fits into it. The profile shapes are U-shaped, F-shaped, and Y-shaped. The different forms of the profiles usually correspond to the mount options of the system. More information regarding the different types of installations you can find below in this article.

Glass railings from Baros Vision
Glass railing
main components of a glass railing system
System components
side mount of U-shaped profile for glass railing
U-shaped profile
F-shaped profile for glass railing
F-shaped profile
glass railing with Y-shape of the profile
Y-shaped profile
  • Stainless steel glass point system

    This type of glass railing is also called a point button system. It is mainly used for stairs and balconies. In most cases, the system consists of button-like stainless steel glass holders and glass panels. The glass button systems allow the usage of a bigger variety of glass panel widths. For the installation of the glass panels, there have to be predrilled holes for the glass holding buttons.

regulated glass holder bv3500rs stainless steel
Regulated glass button
glass button bv3500 stainless steel
Glass holder
system for glass railings bv3500
bv3500 glass button fixing
  • Stainless steel posts

    Another glass railing system that utilizes the usage of stainless steel posts that hold the glass panels. This type is often used on stairs and for glass canopies. Similar to the glass button system the posts use point fixings to hold the glass and allow the usage of glass panels with various widths.

Top mount post
bv2500 glass railing with columns from stainless steel
Fascia mount post
bv2500s inox posts for glass railings with side mount

Glass railing systems offer different mount options.

There are three commonly used mount options for glass railings:

top base mount of glass railing
Base or top mount.

The specific characteristic of this mount type is that the glass railing is mounted on the top/base of the surface. The base mount is widely used. From an installation point of view, this type of mount is fast and easily achieved.

fascia mount bv9900 with cover hiding the profile
Side or fascia mount.

As the name suggests this type of mount is used when the glass railing system is mounted on the side of the surface. The side mount is used to save space otherwise taken on top of the surface.

glass railing with integrated mount
Integrated or underfloor mount.

Specific for this mount type is that the glass railing profile is integrated into the mounting surface. With this installation, only the glass is visible as the profile is hidden. The integrated mount offers the best strength for the railing.

Other things to consider to choose the right glass railing for your project are the shape and the colour finish of the system and the glass customizations and modifications.

The different designs of glass railing systems.

Here we are mainly talking about the aluminium profiles with channels. There are compact and small ones, and there are also tall and wide profiles. The shape of the system is not only relevant to how it looks but it is also important for the strength of the profile. Usually bigger and bulkier aluminium profiles offer better strength, though it depends on the design as well.

The colour finish (surface) of the system.

As you’ve probably guessed there are different colour finishes. Usually, manufacturers offer around 3-4 different options by default (for example Inox Brush, Natural, Raw aluminium, look at the image below the text). Of course, if your project requires a specific colour that is not present, you can ask the company to use RAL colouring. This way you will get the exact hue you want.

main colours of the profiles for glass railings
RAL colours of the aluminium profiles for glass railings

Choose glass customization that will fit the design of the project.

There is no way to talk about glass railing design and styles without mentioning the glass for railings. As glass is a main part of the glass railing system, it is important that there are numerous modifications that you can apply to it. Depending on the design of your project you can create unique glass customizations.

As an established manufacturer of glass and glass railing systems, we at Baros Vision advise our customers to use tempered laminated glass. Not only it is the strongest and safest glass type for your project but it also offers a perfect base for glass customization. As laminated glass consists of at least two glass panels glued together (it can be three, four, five and etc.) it is a perfect sketch on which you can paint the unique design of the railing glass. You can for example combine clear glass with gray glass, use ultra clear glass, make it frosted glass, colour and colour combination, satin finish, digital printing, and many more.

Consider the usage of the glass railing system to choose the right one for your project

Why you should consider the usage of the glass railing when choosing it? Well, the main purpose is because there are systems that are more suitable for residential use and those which are better suited when it comes to public and industrial areas.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but as we’ve mentioned above the design of the system sometimes plays a major role in its strength. So if you are looking for a glass railing for your home or place where there won’t be subjected to heavy loads (meaning there will be less stress on the system), you can go with a smaller and more compact system with 1-2 kN strength. It can even be a good choice for your office spaces. But if your project is in a public or industrial area where the stress on the system will be bigger, then it is better to stay on the safe side and go with a stronger and bulkier system with 3-4 kN strength. The strength of the system is an important consideration as at the end of the day we are talking about the safety of the people that are going to be using it.

Consider the climate to choose the right glass railing

Glass railings are the perfect choice for residential and commercial projects as they are strong and durable, and they can withstand any weather conditions. However, when choosing a glass railing system, it is important to take into account the climate of where the project is located.

For example, if the project is located in a windy area, the glass railing must withstand the strong winds as it will act also as a wind barrier. If the project is located near the seacoast the system must be good enough to endure the UV rays, humidity, and salt.

Another thing that is important to mention is that the aluminium profiles (if not specifically excluded for the project) should come with an anodized coating. The process of anodization helps to prevent oxidation of the material’s surface. The colour does not change even if subjected to harsh weather conditions such as strong UV rays, rain, dust, and salt. So anodized coating is something that you should look for.

Another thing to consider is the budget for the project

Though it is something that comes naturally to mind when buying something, consider your budget. Based on your project’s design and specifications you can go over the budget you have set at the start – if you do not plan the installation of glass railing well enough. Especially if you decide to install the railing yourself. This is why it is best to consult with a professional before making the purchase. When you contact the company you’ve chosen to buy glass railings from, they can give you exact prices for the system and its installation. Also tips on how to achieve the best results while staying within the limits of your budget as much as possible.


When choosing a glass railing for your project, it is important to take into consideration your needs. There are many different styles of glass railing systems, customizations for glass for railings, and accessories to choose from, so you’re sure to find the perfect railing for your space. Glass railings offer many benefits, such as increased safety and improved visibility. They add elegance and beauty to every project. So, before you start your next project, be sure to consider our tips on how to choose the right glass railing.

Get in touch with us and we will help you choose the most suitable system for your project!

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